We get asked by businesses, “Why should I redesign my website,”

..and the honest truth is there is no right answer.

According to Christian Riggs, president of Riggs Creative Group, deciding whether to update or redesign your website should depend entirely on your business goals and objectives.

There are many reasons why a business owner should consider a redesign over a complete rebuild, however, that’s not to say there aren’t multiple reasons to NOT rebuild.

For instance, if a business changes any aspect of its branding, like colors, they would want to extend the change in branding to the website.

If a website is getting a lot of traffic, but poor conversions, a simple redesign could help increase conversion rate. If a business starts to offer a new product or service, that information will need to be added to the website in some manner.

Lastly, if customers complain about a business’s website, then they would want to redesign as soon as they can.

The biggest a business would need to completely rebuild a website would be if it isn’t mobile friendly. A responsive website is a must in the age of smart phones.

Websites should also be easy to manage through a Content Management System (CMS). A backend system like WordPress makes content easy to change so programmers and webmasters aren’t necessary. Also keeping things simple makes a webpage easier to load and read on all devices.

Customer opinion and feedback can give insight that convert visitors into customers. If a business asks what problems clients are having, then that business learns what needs to be fixed. After updating they’re website, they should ask their customers again if they like it. Even if your customers like the new design, a business should always look to improve design, performance, and usefulness of their website.