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The Sagecore Process

Sagecore uses the same process for all of our projects. Each step is critical in making your project happen as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Sagecore Process

Sagecore Process
Requirement Gathering Design & Developement Review & Feedback Testing & Validation Training & Documentation Production Rollout Post Production Support

Requirement Gathering

Requirements establish what the system(s) need to do

  • A system will only perform and function as well as it’s requirements are established
  • Requirements should follow Workflows and how Data Analytics will be performed

Design & Developement

Design and Developments executes Requirements


  • This is where Requirements are turned into a system that performs the desired workflows and provides the desired data analytics

Review & Feedback

Review is a critical part of the process


  • Both Sagecore and the Client are able to ensure that the requirements are captured appropriately in the system

  • Display organization and verbiage can be reviewed for best user interaction

  • This is the best opportunity for any issues or unknown items to be addressed before the system is finalized

Testing & Validation

Quality Control is critical for business operations and a functioning system


  • Sagecore Technologies will thoroughly test the new system before it’s put into production

  • The Client will be able to provide feedback and raise any issues to be addressed in a timely manner

  • Any complex system may have some unknown and unexpected issues.  Sagecore does it’s best to mitigate or eliminate these, but Sagecore stands behind their work and will address any warranty items professionally as necessary

Training & Documentation

Personnel are the most important part of the success of a system


  • Sagecore Technologies provides appropriate documentation for system training and operation

  • Sagecore provides appropriate initial training for personnel upon initial deployment

  • Sagecore can provide “Train the Trainer” expertise so you can continue to train new personnel

Production Rollout

The cut-over of a system to production is a critical juncture


  • Sagecore plans this out with you to ensure minimized risk of downtime and business impact

  • Whenever feasible, Sagecore tries to have a “roll-back” plan in place.  This is so in the rare event there is an issue with the cut-over, the system can be temporarily reverted back to the previous system to prevent downtime and business impacts

Post Production Support

Sagecore Technology stands by our work

  • Any items that are warranty will be professionally covered

  • Support is available as part of a support contract

The possibilities are as big as your needs and imagination


  • Sagecore can help with future phases to build on your systems and provide additional functionality

  • Workflows and data analytics can be advanced and enhanced by building on the system

  • Ask us how and about the possibilities!

Partner with Sagecore Technologies

Our team works with you and your business to build the right tools that will improve how well your business operates. Whether you need software, an app, or a website, we will provide the proper solutions that work for you.

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