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Internet Anonymity is a crucial reason why the internet is so powerful. What happens when people lose that? Due to a new bill passed by congress, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can now legally sell your internet browsing habits to third parties. However, one of the truths behind this bill, is that everybody’s search history is already being tracked. Not only were ISPs already tracking your browsing habits, but so are the sites we were using. Companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, track what people search to better market and advertise products they think they care about.  For some, this is no big deal, having tailored advertising to your interest is extremely convenient. This bill keeps ISPs competitive with practices that were already the norm within the industry. Also, without crucial Data, ISPs cannot improve networks as effectively. Maintaining a powerful connection means monitoring traffic.

Of course, there is the side that thinks ISPs collecting and selling information is a negative thing. It completely violates internet anonymity, which is what makes people feel safe on the internet. As users of the internet we rely on our privacy for everything we do on the internet. From browsing sites, to interacting with each other. Leaving reviews for products, commenting on an article, watching videos and listening to music is all done behind a username and password. Privacy is the one of the most powerful features of the internet. Internet Anonymity will always be a hot button topic. As a user, privacy will always be important. However, the internet is a privilege to use and is run by corporations to whom we willingly give our data. In the end, what they do with said information is their call.